\/1Ci0u5p4nD@ (deathface) wrote,

oh random thought:

as I tend to not be a Linear Beast, my responses can be sporadic, suffering also from a lack of visual non-verbal cues while online. you posted an *tracks playlist recently, I played it while waking up/morning for two days. I dreamt that all of the songs were 'of course` on my playlist as well- they /are\ IRL, with the exception of ******- normally I only hear her when I am in a deep sleep. I haven't listened in to more than what I've seen of her. When I saw her for the first time it was like "oh this is familiar, clearly I know this person well, and have for a long, much longer than this life's time" --which is a rare (not completely uncommon) thing for me to feel, let alone think. Similar to how I do you. Very similar. Having said that, do you have an opinion on whether we are seeing '***** as a character in our dreams, thought explorations, of what feels as if it is the past, or is she only a real world being
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