\/1Ci0u5p4nD@ (deathface) wrote,

to someone who wrote "Millenials Love Rand Paul" (I would edit this if it wasn't just a comment)

uhh millenials do not like him. millenials are extremely for the opposite of almost all he stands for. Drug policy changes are perhaps the only exception which could woo millenials. what his version of government would create is only a restructuring of departments. In his mind, there's only a small community of people on Earth, so it can all be controlled by sharing morals with eachother. For most "freedoms" he espouses, such as shutting down surveillance or access to birth control nationwide, he only gives again government a new cloak to hide their surveillance under (they will not be ceasing) and doubles the over-reach of a national Republic, thereby increasing government control, military style no-borders policing out of necessity, and gutting the jobs market -women stay at home, birth more children who'll serve no purpose etc etceterror. It would just be another vicious cycle of shifting laws to an authoritarian nation-state with Paul. Rand's problem, as the forefathers demanded not be brought into government, is that he holds a specific faith. He believes things that he thinks are right as to be just for all. A Democracy is the system we are supposed to have, due to how many humans there are it is a necessity. However corruptible it can become, if it is run how it was designed, the system would still be the best. Trying to break the foundation (rather than fixing the problems), only works if you can start anew entire -We are in a world that cannot begin again, we must instead work on existing problems to find a solution with logic, never faith.
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