\/1Ci0u5p4nD@ (deathface) wrote,

dizzy discourse-response re: birthing-abstinent future

I do not want kids. Or, at least, it's not a goal of mine. Perhaps in twenty years if the world is doing better, but otherwise non.
Ok... Well thank u for ur time... Not really a point in sending pix.. But i wish u luck on ur quest.
you too, and if you have children, make sure to prepare them for society, while also doing your best to prepare society, the world, for the future!
Children are made for the future... And they will never fail cause they have nothing to compare it to.. Ur given up on them... Not the other way around!
that. is a fine way of looking at it. I won't argue against there being a 'nature', a suggestion that we should just simply continue to make kidlings who will build things better... but what-if?!. What if we just did not continue as we are doing? Let US, and our consciousness, live beautifully, enjoy life, then pass away. There are billions of children in the world, we don't need to make more. You could adopt, foster, teach, tutor, caretake, nanny, neighbour or simply do what some of the older regions do and grow older gracefullly, enjoy life until the end, choosing some younger person(s) to share your stories with and gift them your possessions. It's just.. and I agree here, humans are so unique that we are like the monkeys who fell out of the tree, hit our heads.. We are corrupted, but advanced, in ways, different from all other species. We should USE this advancement, this consciousness and self-awareness to make decisions for to improve everything we know. And that, in my opinion, would require us humans to back off, let nature continue without our abusing it. ... .... ..... I just want to have fun. There are soooo many kids already, all knowledge sponges; no need to make more of them.
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