\/1Ci0u5p4nD@ (deathface) wrote,

like now

I cry sometimes
at least
this time
it's been years now
I cry for the years
words can be a spell slipping off my mind to meaning
tears of love
self loathing
and self liking
somewhere at my core this I find humor of
I am here where I am
by my own two feet
which I am lucky to have
two more feet
I once had
thought were mine if I didn't feel nor show
those feet are cool
and I am warm for them
lucky that they are
somehow happy
while they have more
I have just mine
if I have anything at all
to stand upon
I should
I am happy
that I have my eyes intact
lids to coax the heart to fall down my cheeks
large as they are
lucky to have them
scarred as they are
for tears must have a dropping place
ensnare my love don't let it drip away
couldbe that is why
my top has moved from scalp to face
to catch all drops of life
falling down my face
keep me whole
recycle with that energy
now shes seen the light of day
come return home
our body is of one
I need your side of me

I need me in me
I need me in Me right now
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