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getting off topic fast

plants (I'm going to say here "plants") do not have feelings. They actually do have what we'd call a nervous system, but it can be dynamic, perhaps not as 'central' as ours -which is my point. Plants have an imperative to grow, reproduce, evolve; And they can do-so in a split-second. We fauna are little blips on the evolutionary timeline to flora. They have a nervous system like us, which allows sensing of surroundings, react to conditions, move, evolve to excel, but they have no need to feel pain (at least), it wouldn't be logical. Instead they are affected and alter their situation based on what their genes deem are required to survive. there is no great difference between plants and aminals, especially such as shellfish like lobster, or spiders,, they are all aware that they exist, but they aren't a person, they have no /feel/ings other than what is learned at a, yes, non-centralised cellular level. They learn from causal reaction, what works and what does not. Like a flame reaching up as far as it can; thankfully though they are a different type of fire, slower burning, using the fuels available to grow and evolve, rather than exhausting their resources, flickering out.. no insult to flames here, fire energy is also converted to other elements, but it has no feelings. fire is just what it is, an element between two elements. Warmth, heat is the original energy. .. but I digress
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trees are conscious. you can have simple conversations with them if you know how to listen to them.
I believe it is possible. As their genetics evolve so readily, it's highly likely that their cells do communicate. Probably individually, evolving uniquely different from one-another. In our circulatory system, our blood cells have triggers which can be 'programmed' -I'm fuzzy on exactly which organ/gland, but when one returns to it after having circulated, if it had come into contact with an alien substance, whatever affect it had on the cell, plus identifying information, are recorded and then replicated into any new cells. Then old ones are disposed of rather than being reused. .. or so I read in some research paper ^)^


September 30 2015, 21:30:09 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  September 30 2015, 21:31:31 UTC

of course I speak to plants, do my best to stop & listen. And consider harm to them much worse than it would be to us animals, because tho they evolve so much better than us, generally we heal that much faster.. I'd wish if a chipmunk was to take experimental nibbles of my gorgeous Colocasia esculenta, that instead I would receive the identical bites. Wishes now won't restore the damage suffered this week. urrr